BOP & Rotating Equipment Support, Iraq

Duration: 2013 to 2016

Total Capacity: 50 MW

Refurbish a 50MW power plant and associated balance of plant in the North Rumaila oilfield in Iraq including rotating equipment support for the five main cluster pump stations (water injection facilities) in Rumaila until 2016.


Power Plant Refurbishment

OFS rehabilitated a 50MW power plant which was found to be in a critical non operating condition. Major component failures were found in the turbine train, generation train and essential balance of plant. OFS instigated a rehabilitation program to return the power plant to operational status. This included reengineering the packages to suit their desert location.

Maintenance Engineering Support

Provided key Maintenance personnel to integrate into the existing ROO team. These include positions such as a Rotating Equipment Manager responsible for the maintenance of all equipment for the second largest oil reserve in the world. Supporting this role were an RE Planner, RE Project Manager and RE Materials Coordinator, all supplied by OFS. We provided ROO with condition assessments and engineering support through our Irish based engineering department.

Training Support

OFS was also tasked with OJT training and documentation development for the power plant project in Rumaila.