Establish the KPI's

O4 sets out a high level strategic overview and operating concept for your plant by defining the relationships and interactions between subsystems. We then conduct a safety and integrity analysis to improve efficiencies by setting acceptable thresholds. This helps establish key performance indicators so that we can monitor and maintain at safe levels.

However, the work done here is only of benefit if it forms a strategy from which the other 5 principles can take their lead.


Ensure your Reliability Management Team is in control with a clear Vision of reliability improvement goals.

O4 can assist with leading your team through various initiatives. This will enable the team to successfully manage the business of Reliability to achieve the individual discipline and overall company objectives. All in the pursuit of cost effective reliability improvement goals within a safety integral environment.
•Maintenance/Reliability Reviews
•Equipment Assessment
•Strategy Development
•Routine Compliance Audits
•Analysis & Continuous Improvement

Once we have established our strategic parameters we can begin the process of selecting our technologies and organising our data.

Our Expertise

Our team consists of a number of Specialists most of which have in excess of circa 30 years’ experience, achieved within the oil & gas and power industries. Having advanced through the hierarchies and fulfilled many positions throughout maintenance organisations, our staff have extensive experience with the development, introduction and management of change required for the various initiatives of O4 to succeed. Such initiatives include;

  • The implementation of various CMMS
  • The justification for Condition Based Maintenance activities for rotating equipment
  • Compiling Operator and Maintenance Manuals and Training Modules
  • The introduction and directing of Failure Analysis and Reliability processes
  • Zero based budget exercises
  • Development implementation and management of Incentive Based Service contracts
  • Structure of organisations in pursuit of (re-)organisational goals

In pursuit of successful implementation our staff can adapt, communicate and interact accordingly from shop floor to board room, and are comfortable & confident within any environment. They are experienced and very knowledgeable about the O4 product and this will be very evident when you meet them to discuss how O4 can best benefit your organisation.

About O4

The O4 Approach involves working with or on behalf of the client, using industry proven techniques such as RCM, FMECA and RCA, as appropriate for the installation or operation. The result is a management controlled maintenance service which brings together:
•The Owner
•The Operator
•The OEM

The Owner

We work with equipment owners to manage their assets and supply highly detailed maintenance engineering processes, plans and procedures which can be fully tailored to specific owner strategies and assets.

The Operator

In situations where the assets are operated by a third party, we ensure the continuity and consistent approach required.


The process of managing rotating equipment is broadly similar. This gives us a shared database of historical data and experience which can be difficult for OEMs to capture using only their corporate systems. We work directly with OEMs and actively implement their Technical Service Bulletins and procedures.

The Service Provider (OFS)

Our core strength is a team of experienced rotating equipment specialists in numerous sites around the world covering a multitude of gas turbine manufacturers. Based out of Ireland and supported by seven regional offices and a number of joint ventures, OFS has a dedicated crew of field engineers. Their primary focus is on providing the appropriate operational maintenance for the client. This expertise is fully supported by our back office maintenance team which is engaged in the very latest methodologies.