OFS conduct full decommissioning and recommissioning of Power Generation Packages. We can manage all logistics right through to startup, initial operations and handover.

Emergency Relocations, Backups & Upgrades

OFS are an agile and flexible service provider,  ready to respond to emergency package relocations. We also assist in relocation projects for power generation and backup purposes. After an upgrade package is installed, we can assist in the decomissioning of the legacy equipment.

Equipment Survey

Needs Assessment

Condition Analysis

Borescope Inspections

Spare Parts Requirements

Logistics Planning

Project Management


Task Risk Assessment

Package Stripdown

Parts Cataloguing

Packaging & Documenting

Lifting Operations

Loading for Transport


Visas and Passports

Shipping Arrangements

Legal Compliance

Travel and Logistics

Lifting Opertations

Safe Unloading


Hook up and Cabling

Full Commissioning

Initial Startup

Load Testing and Troubleshooting

Initial Operation

Operation Support