Technical Recruitment

Our dedicated Technical Recruitment department work closely with our clients to source and match candidates. We maintain a database for our clients to select from.


Clients will have access to our tracking systems so that you have full visibility of time-sheets, reports and progress.

We conduct site inductions, safety training and manual handling for all new operatives.

Project Management

OFS manage the recruitment process, travel and logistics, co-ordination of dates and times, payroll and invoicing, compliance and competences tracking through training and competency matrices. We also provide a QHSE safety officer and supervisors to over see the project. This is why OFS has an impeccable safety record and completion rate.




OFS Maintain a database of highly skilled technical candidates for our outage projects across the UK and Ireland

Skills Matrix

OFS have a dedicated training department, we maintain a detailed skills matrix to help us to match the right candidate to our clients needs. We develop and enhance technical and safety skills for all our staff.